Our Network and Datacenter
Premium connectivity... premium hosting... sub-premium cost

Proudly Operating out of a WIRED® location

WiredWebWork provides an IT infrastructure and services nationwide. WiredWebWork.com operates out of two private environmentally friendly data centers in Annapolis, Maryland and Dallas, Texas featuring premium internet backbone providers Abovenet, Timewarner, and Phonoscope. Our carrier nuetral network includes:

- Abovenet
- Airband
- Alpheus
- AT&T
- Comcast
- Phonoscope
- Time Warner Telecom
- Verizon
- Reliance Globalcom

Our Green Datacenters employ numerous technologies to ensure an environmentally friendly hosting solution. From low power, green servers using advanced low power consuming Intel processors to solar powered cooling systems, we're able to almost fully offset our power consumption and carbon footprint!

We keep your sites safe, and online!

With premium hardware and advanced firewalls you can rest assured your sites will be online! All employees all undergo background screening, and clients are not permitted within the facilities except with photo ID and escorted by trained security personnel at all times.

Failsafe Data Protection

All of our servers are implemented with Raid-1 configurations to ensure failsafe data availability. If one hard drive crashes, theres an exact mirrored hard drive ready to kick in to gear! You can rest assured your websites will be online.

Remote Daily Backups

Still worried about the safety of your data? At WiredWebWork.com all shared and reseller accounts feature daily remote full backups. Your databases, emails, pictures and all get backed up everyday automatically.